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When you listen to your dreams anything is possible

When you listen to your dreams anything is possible

Introduction to Market Your Dreams

Welcome to Market Your Dreams on wordpress.com. I believe that dreams are very important to have and no one should ever lose sight of their dreams.  Do Not lose sight of your dreams, even if you don’t think your dreams are possible in the near future.

My blog is full of views that are clearly outside the box.  It contains information on how a positive mind set, inspiration, and a little innovation can improve your life.  It is possible to change the way you view your life and attract what you want in your life by just changing the way you perceive what is going on around you.

Do you understand the Secret?

Do you understand the Secret?

Introduction to the Secret

Whatever you want in life for yourself, family, loved ones, or friends, it is always important to keep it fresh in your mind.  It is absolutely necessary to keep a positive mindset in your thoughts and in your actions.  I recommend The Secret for anyone who would like to expand their view on their life and benefit from the rewards that come with a positive outlook on life.  Want to know more, but don’t have time to watch the DVD?  Check out what Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey have to say:


href=”http://www.whatisthesecret.tv”>What Is The Secret

The Attractor Factor based on the Secret by Bob Proctor

The Attractor Factor based on the Secret by Bob Proctor

Joe Vitale and the Attractor Factor

A little bit of recommended reading for improving your outlook on life.  Pick up The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale.  Joe has a way of writing unlike anyone I have ever seen.  His book is clear in his message, but is easy to read without sounding elementary.  The Attractor Factor has changed my views on life and opened my eyes to endless possibilities.

Remember, you attract in your life whatever you dwell on.  If your mind is clouded with worry, guilt, sadness, then the world will continue to bring more of it into your life until you decide to change it.  I know it doesn’t seem possible, but ask yourself this:  When was the last time anything good happened when you were so worked up and worried about something?  What happens to you when you think that nothing ever goes right in your life?  And, How long does it take to recover from an illness or injury if you are always talking about how it is holding you back?

Create a Dream Board

Mindmapping tools

Mindmapping tools

Don’t worry, its never too late to change how you think.  Start off by taking a piece of paper, poster board, or go to this excellent online mindmapping site at…


This exercise will help open your mind to what you want, or want to achieve for yourself in life.  It is important that you place a date on it so you can see just how amazing the results begin to appear.  Write or paste wants and/or dreams you want to achieve or acquire on your board.  This will be your dream board.  After each item explained or at the end of the exercise write  this phrase “I want this or something better”.  When you are finished, place your dream board somewhere that you will see it almost on a daily basis.  It will keep your mind fresh on what you want and it will keep you in a positive frame of mind.

The Universe will answer your dreams

The Universe will answer your dreams

Letting Go, Trust the Universe

Now the hard part.  You have to let go.   I recommended writing down what you want for a reason.  Wants are easy to work with than needs.  Wants keep you thinking positive, while needs are so commonly associated with negative thinking.

No dream is too big.  The universe has no concept of big or small.  The only thing keeping you from big results is small thinking.  If you put out into the universe that I would like to make money, but I don’t think I could ever make as much as my neighbor, guess what, you have told the universe that you are not able to create as much money as your neighbor.  Do not cloud your mind with misconceptions about yourself or your abilities.

Be as detailed as you want with your dreams and watch the wonderful results  follow.  Please never be afraid of where the universe might take you or who the universe puts in your path.  Subconscious thoughts work just as much in the universe for you as conscious thoughts.  Do not over think certain situations and stay away from people with negative thoughts.  You do not want to cloud your mind in any way.

href=”http://thesecret.tv/calendar/”>The Secret Calendar

How to Deal with Verbal Aggression

Author of E-Book: How To Deal With Your Anger

My Dear Friend Robert Agar-Hutton

Robert Agar-Hutton, founding member of International Association of Trainers in Aggression Management, assists people on a daily basis with his inspirational teachings. Robert is the founder and chief instructor for his company Protectics Limited and has 17 years professional experience in verbal and physical conflict resolution, backed with 38 years experience in martial arts.  His mission is to empower people to deal with conflict and adversity in an efficient and proactive manner.  Robert uses his techniques and knowledge to improve the world in which we all live.  Robert is the well known author of the Book and E-Book: ‘How To Deal with Your Anger, a highly recommended read.  For more on Roberts exceptional talent:



E-Book by Robert Agar-Hutton

E-Book by Robert Agar-Hutton

I met Robert on Facebook and instantly had respect for his abilities and talent.  Robert is unlike anyone I have ever met.  I would get discouraged with people on the internet, mainly because they only wanted to talk about themselves and what they do.  It wasn’t until I met Robert that I realized  he knew and implemented the methods explained in The SecretThe attractor factor was truly at work here.  Never had I found anyone willing to extend a reach out for help without expecting something in return.  It wasn’t until after I was talking to Robert on a daily basis that I realized we were on the same mindset about the Secret.  You will attract people with the same thoughts or beliefs, without even realizing that’s what happened.

This is the power of the Attractor Factor, people with the same energy will naturally gravitate towards each other.  Why?  Your energy will attract others with the same energy, therefore positive thinking will attract other positive thinkers to you.  Guess what?  The best thing for you is to be able to collaborate with others like you.  Remember, Do Not surround yourself with negative people.  If you think positive, other positive people will surface in your life.

Let the Adventure Begin

Okay, I think I have covered my main points on positive thinking here.  I had to get you in the right mindset before I discuss my blog any further.  Market your dreams is pretty straight forward, but we think a little outside the box.  I write  and provide information for all readers regardless of experience, age, or income, to help Internet Marketers succeed.

Come and read what is going on in the marketing world today and discover that with an open mind, innovation, and knowledge, your dreams will be a reality.  Thank you for taking a little bit of time to explore my blog.  I  am excited to see you become a success, and watch the endless possibilities bloom.

http://www.whatisthesecret.tv”>What Is The Secret

See how the Secret can impact your life

See how the Secret can impact your life

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